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Quiz : How well do you know the Opéra Garnier ?


The Opéra Garnier or Palais Garnier, designed by Charles Garnier, still known to many as the « Paris Opera, » was the  world’s largest theatre and opera house when it opened on January 5, 1875. 

Visible and almost awaited all along the avenue of the Opera, it becomes completely breathtaking if you approach it  by the boulevard des Capucines.

How well do you know the captivating history of the Opéra Garnier ? Take our test to find out !

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Quizz : How well do you know the Opéra Garnier?

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When was the Opera Garnier built ?


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Which kind of setup is used in the auditorium?

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According to a famous expression, « People go to the Garnier Opera to see and… »


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Why are the young ballet dancers called « petits rats » (« young rats ») ?


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What lies beneath the opera house?


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Why did the painted ceiling made by Changall caused such a scandal in 1964 ?


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The Palais Garnier is…


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